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Thanksgiving 2017 []

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. It’s a day where families gather, feel grateful for the year that has passed, and eat a whole lot of food.

Although I won’t be celebrating a traditional Thanksgiving here in Stockholm (it’s just a regular ol’Monday), I thought I’d get in on the Thanksgiving action by taking a quick minute to share the five things I’m thankful for this year. Continue reading

The Visa Fiasco

The Swedish Visa Fiasco []

It’s been nearly three weeks since we arrived in Stockholm. It’s amazing to be here, and I am loving every minute of it, but I’d be remiss not to acknowledge just how difficult and frustrating it was to get to this point.

I shared the bare bones of our visa saga in my August month in review post, but it was all too fresh, the wound was still open. Now that we’ve been here a few weeks and the wound has started to heal, I think it’s finally time I shared the story of my Swedish visa fiasco.  Continue reading