Wanderlust Wednesday: St. Petersburg

Wanderlust Wednesday is a series where I revisit a past travel adventure and memory. This week, I’m looking back to 2012 and my adventures at Peterhof Gardens, located approx. 45 minutes outside of St. Petersburgh, Russia.

WW - 2012 - St. Petersburg 002

The two+ hours I spent exploring Peterhof Gardens was magical. Between the sunshine, the luscious gardens and forest, and the golden statues, Peterhof Garden literally sparkled.

But, then again, what can you expect when you are surrounded by dozens of recently polished gold statues?!

Modelled after Versailles (and sometimes referred to as the “Russian Versailles”), Peterhof Gardens was ostentatious to say the least. While standing on the Grande Cascade overlooking the lower gardens (pictured above), every which way you looked there were golden statues, which are refurbished regularly.

The sparkle of the statues was only matched by the sunshine glistening off the water in the Sea Channel. That combined with the forests, and you literally felt like you were walking through a fairy tale.

One of the highlights of Peterhof Gardens is the daily fountain show. Unfortunately, we were forced to miss out as our tour bus was pulling away just as the fountains turned on.

Clearly, this is a sign that I’m meant to go back.

Have you visited Peterhof Palace and Gardens? What did you think?

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