Six Month Retrospective: What’s Next?


This week marks six months since we left Canada and moved to Madrid. So, I’ve decided to take a quick break from the regularly scheduled travel programming to take a look back at the last six months – the adventures we’ve been on, the places we’ve seen, the foods we’ve eaten, and to look ahead at what the next six months has to offer.

As we hit the mid-way point of this gap year/year abroad, I guess it’s time to start looking ahead.

So, what’s next?

That’s the million dollar question. And, the focus of today’s post, which I know is super late but I got caught up in other things. Namely, procrastinating; I was doing anything but writing this post (including counting the coins in our coin can, it seemed like a vital thing to do on a Friday afternoon). And it’s not that I didn’t want to write this post, it’s just that I didn’t know how to start.

Because we really don’t know what’s next.

We’re only at the mid-way point. And while a lot of time has passed since we arrived in Madrid, there’s still so much time, so many opportunities and so many variables ahead of us.

Where we go next will all depend on jobs, opportunities and all those adult-y type things.

We’ve really enjoyed living in Europe and all the opportunities it brings (travel, new experiences, new cultures, new foods, etc.) so we’re definitely open to staying, but we know it’s not without hurdles – jobs, visas, permits, etc. But, things were pretty great back in Canada, as well.

Only time will tell where we end up.

So, for now (and for the next few months) we’re happy in Madrid. Dave will continue with his programme, and I’ll keep writing Petite Adventures (and trying to learn Spanish). Once he’s done with school, we’d like to hit the road longer-term, travelling throughout Eastern Europe, exploring the Balkans and seeing as much of the rest of Europe as we can, but that could all change if the right opportunities were to present themselves.

Basically, the world’s our oyster right now. And with summer coming, there really isn’t a better time to be exploring and chasing new opportunities.



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