National Dishes From My Travels: Thoughts, Feelings and Reactions

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As they do with birds, animals and flowers, most countries have a national dish, which in most cases, is a food that’s been prepared for generations; it’s a food that shares history, legends and traditions with each and every forkful. Experiencing a country through food is one of my favourite ways to get to know a new place; it’s really quite astonishing how much you can learn simply by sitting down, digging in and sampling its national fares.

Throughout our travels, I was lucky enough to try the national dish in nine of the 15 countries we’ve visited. As with anything, there were hits and misses. Most of the time my curiosity was rewarded with amazing and surprising flavours, but there were a few odd times where my curiosity got the better of me and I was left with a meal I probably wouldn’t order again.

For the purpose of this post, I’ve only decided to feature national dishes that I ate in that country, for example, I enjoyed a ham hock in Vienna, and although it was delicious and it’s a food the city is famous for, it’s not a national dish. It is, however, a national dish of Germany, but I was too focused on Christmas market beverages to get into the ham hock during our visit to Hamburg, so unfortunately, ham hocks just don’t make the list. I also omitted a couple of foods like Bratwurst (Germany) and Pasta (Italy) because really, what can I say about those delicious meals that hasn’t already been said. And, chances are you’ve probably sampled them somewhere along the way yourself!

So, let’s take a look at my thoughts, feelings and impressions of the national dishes I sampled in 2016: Continue reading

#Take12Trips Challenge Update

Petite Adventures' #Take 12 Trips Update

Earlier this year, I shared with you my intentions to take part in the #Take12Trip challenge and given that we’ve pretty much hit the half-way point in 2016 (sidebar: how are we already half-way through the year?!) I figure this was as good a time as any to check in and see where I’m at.

Before we get started, as a reminder, the #Take12Triips Challenge is designed to inspire travellers to make a commitment to getting out once and month and exploring – whether that’s day-trips, month-long adventures, or anything in between.

In my post, I described some of my dream trips for the months ahead. And, as with all the best-laid plans of mice and men, most of the months did not go as expected.

So, let’s take a look… Continue reading

Budapest: Exploring Pest

I’m not going to lie to you reader-friends, my Budapest coverage is all over the place. Earlier this week, I shared with you the pictures from our nighttime cruise and yesterday I detailed the highlights from the Buda side of Budapest. Today, I will be covering the last piece of the puzzle: Pest. Although these events aren’t in exact chronological order, they aren’t far off. Because of this, there might be a wee bit of repetition between the posts, so my apologies if you’ve read a few of these details a few times before.

Now, without further ado: Pest!

PA-BudapestPest- Continue reading

Budapest: Exploring Buda

I’m not going to lie to you reader-friends, my Budapest coverage is all over the place. Yesterday, I shared with you the pictures from our nighttime cruise and today, I’m going to talk about the Buda side of Budapest. These two things are chronologically not in order, but they aren’t far off. The reason I’m mentioning this is because there might be a wee bit of repetition between the two posts (and subsequently, tomorrow’s post). So, without further ado, Budapest: Exploring Buda!


We arrived in Budapest via train and made our way from Budapest Keleti station to our AirBnB. Our first ½ day in Budapest was spent wandering, eating and figuring out how best to see this sprawling city. We settled on a Hop on Hop off tour (which also included our nighttime Danube Rive Cruise) and then prepared for a huge day of sightseeing. Continue reading