My Three Favourite Things About Bar Harbor, Maine

My Three Favourite Things About Bar Harbor, Maine []

We had no plans to go to Bar Harbor, Maine, following our time in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. We had no plans whatsoever to even leave Canada. Our plan was to go from St. Andrews and continue on to Shediac (home of the world’s largest lobster) before turning around and heading home. We had reservations, maps and plans, and then at the last moment we threw caution to the wind and headed south to Maine.

And it was the best decision ever.
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Wanderlust Wednesday: Ann Arbor

Wanderlust Wednesday is a series where I revisit a past travel adventure and memory. This week, I’m looking back at Ann Arbor, Michigan.

WW-Ann Arbor

We travelled to Ann Arbor, Michigan for one reason and one reason only: to kick off 2014 watching the National Hockey League’s Winter Classic game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and my beloved Detroit Red Wings. Held in Michigan Stadium, more than 105,000 fans braved the sub-zero temperatures to be part of the largest hockey crowd in history.

From the moment we woke up that morning, to the moment we got home it snowed. At points during the game, it was snowing so hard that I could barely see the game. And it was cold. So cold that at times, my mittens were basically useless.

But, it was perfect!

The roar of the crowd is always amazing, but when the crowd is 105,000+ intense fans, it really sends chills through your spine. I had never seen a hockey spectacle quite like that before, and I can bet you that I never will again.

Although the game didn’t go in the Wings’ favour, we still had an absolutely amazing time exploring Ann Arbor, and ringing in the New Year in the most Canadian way possible.

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