City Guides

Take a self-guided walking tour of your favourite city by downloading one of these guides from Petite Adventures and GPSmyCity.

avila pa-blog2app-barcelona pa-blog2app-bratislava pa-brugesguide-8 pa-blog2app-brussels pa-blog2app-budapest11 pa-ghentguide9 pa-blog2app-laspalmas Discover the best mac'n'cheese in Leeds, UK Guide to the best pints in Leeds, UK [] pa-bestmadrid-24hours-3 best-parks-in-madrid PA-RetrospectivePlacesSpacesMadrid-Pinterest pa-blog2app-bestviewsmadrid Guide to the best mercados in Madrid, Spain [] pa-blog2app-marrakech pa-blog2app-prague pa-guiderotterdam-9 pa-blog2app-salamanca-3 pa-blog2app-segovia pa-blog2app-sintra Two Days in Tallinn, Estonia taormina pa-blog2app-valencia-3 An Afternoon in York Self-Guided City Tour by GPSmyCity []